"As we welcome in 2015, I also welcome you to the home of the dedicated men and women of the Pioneer Police Department. Our goal is to provide the most professional and complete safety services and programs available while keeping within ever restrictive budgets.

Providing a safe environment for all residents, businesses, and visitors of Village of Pioneer, through responsive, professional, and community based Law Enforcement remains our top priority. Understanding training, education, and a proactive public safety mindset, while focusing on our continued Community Based Policing Mindset, are our best assets help to keep Pioneer in the forefront of small community Law Enforcement in the State of Ohio.

I am confident, utilizing a team effort approach involving both the community and the police department, we will continue to provide an unsurpassed level of service.

On behalf of the Pioneer Police Department, thank you for your continued support."


Chief of Police, Timothy Livengood

Now Hiring!


The Pioneer Police Department is actively seeking applicants for the position of part time officer as well as for the Auxiliary Division.  As a 24/7 operation, our part time staff is very important to our overall success.


We offer competitive part time pay, many available shifts, modern and well maintained equipment and a thorough Field Training Officer Program for all new officers.


For those wishing to join the team, please obtain an application, background waiver, and a work hours availability form on our website or, you can obtain these forms in person at the department during business hours 8 to 5 at 205 S State Street, Pioneer, Ohio 43554.


Additionally, we are also seeking auxilliary officers for our Auxiliary Division.  This division is a great way to serve the community while also obtaining valuable training and experience for future advancement within the department.  


Candidates for both part time and auxilliary positions must meet the following criteria:


- OPOTA Certified or currently enrolled in an Ohio Peace Officer Basic Academy (Proof of enrollment will need to be furnished)

- No Felony Convictions

- Must be able to pass an extensive background check

- Valid Ohio Drivers License

- Successful Completion of Department FTO Program for part time officers.



Please click on the "FORMS" tab and download our application packet.  Applications can be delivered in person or by mail.

Pioneer Police Department is a member of Alert86


The Pioneer Police Deparment is proud to announce that it is a member of Alert86.  Alert86 is a free service allowing the Police Department and Village of Pioneer to send notifications to your home phone, text or call to your cell phone, email, some, or all. You pick which notifications you get. Stay informed of important information.


If you would like to sign-up to receive alerts from the Village of Pioneer and Pioneer Police Department please click on the link below.  If you would like more information on Alert86, please visit there website at: http://www.alert86.com/