Bike Patrol

The Pioneer Police Department Bike Patrol Unit was started in 2010 by Chief Livengood and Sergeant Trego.  It made its debut during the 2010 Village of Pioneer Clearfork Festival and was well received by members of the community.  The unit consists five officers and is limited to fair weather riding due to the limitations of current equipment.


The Bike Patrol Unit is operated during most of the months of March through October and is deployed on random days and times.  The unit enforces bike and pedestrian violations and monitors areas for crime and safety concerns.


Officers who are assigned to the Bike Patrol Unit are encouraged to ride as often as possible and to interact with the community as they do so. It is a very positively received community based policing technique that allows us to get into "one on one" contact with our community.


Prior to the Summer of 2011, the Pioneer Police Department received a donation of two mountain bikes from the Williams County EMS to upgrade and replace the original mountain bikes purchased in 2010.

In 2020, incoming Sheriff, Tom Kochert, was inventoring and cleaning out the sheriff's office equipment room and kindly donated 2 police patrol bicycles to our bike patrol division updating our equipment.